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Whoopie Slings

Whoopie Slings

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Haven Whoopie Slings are hands-down our favorite hammock camping accessory. 

Haven Whoopie Slings are the ultimate hammock camping accessory. Weighing in at only 57 g, these slings extend up to 12 feet (365 cm) and give you full control over your campsite selection. With a combined reach of 12 feet (365 cm), you can hang your hammock exactly where you want, without having to search for the perfect trees.

The Whoopie Sling's adjustable loops work like a finger trap to hold their place under tension, making them easy to adjust to your desired length. Despite their ultra-lightweight design, these slings are made from 3.5mm UHMWPE with a breaking strength of 1800 lbs (850 kgs), meaning they can withstand any weather and hold any person.

Even if weight isn't a concern, the Whoopie Sling is the ideal hammock camping companion because it allows you to hang your hammock precisely where you want. So why wait? Get your hands on a set of Haven Whoopie Slings and take control of your campsite selection today!


Combined Sling Weight - 57 g
Combined Sling with Carabiner Weight - 100 g
Combined Sling Length - 365 cm
Made from 3.5mm UHMWPE with a breaking strength of 850 kgs.

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