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Haven Tents

Haven Insulated Pad Cover

Haven Insulated Pad Cover

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The first and only pad cover designed for hammock camping.

As temperatures drop, Cold Butt Syndrome (CBS) can make for a restless hammock camp. This pad cover uses varied levels of insulation to address CBS and deliver insulation where it is needed most. Legs 🔥 Core 🔥🔥 Mid-section 🔥🔥🔥

With a projected average insulation of ~R4, the Haven Insulated Pad Cover doubles the total amount of insulation that is provided by our Insulated Pads. Together they will make your Haven nice and toasty. 

Along with the heat, the Insulated Pad Cover makes the air mattress softer, quieter, and provides an additional layer of protection. When not in use the pad cover also makes a great pillow.

The Pad Cover is now compatible with all of our pads -- Standard or XL/Safari. 

Check out the awesomeness and see how easy it is to setup 👇


Insulation boost of ~R4
Standard Weight: 539 g
XL / Safari Weight: 680 g

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