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Authorized Distributor List

 With the growth of Haven Tents we have started partnering with various companies around the world to ensure faster delivery times and to try and alleviate some of the shipping costs as well as import and duty fees for our global customers.

At the same time we are seeing more and more knock-offs and scams posing as Haven Tents.

To help protect everyone and ensure transparency here is the Definitive List of Authorized Haven Tent Websites and Distributors:

Haven Tents: For customers in the US, Canada, and anywhere else not otherwise specified on this list

Haven Tents Europe: For customers in the EU, except for Norway

Haven Tents Japan: For customers in Japan

Magasinet.noFor customers in Norway For customers in Australia

Haven Tents Amazon: For US Amazon Customers


If you find a Haven Tent or any of our ancillary products for sale on a site that is not one of those sites above that website does not have permission to sell Haven Tents LLC products, and may be selling knock-offs or counterfeits.


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