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I find my Haven in hard to reach places far from the comforts of home. I can get everything I need from a few days off trail.. except a good night's sleep. 

Like everyone else, I am completely spoiled by my big mattress at home and two inches of foam on the ground or a traditional hammock is no substitute.

One day I found myself trying to get comfortable in a camping hammock. I envisioned my head and feet lowering, so my body was on a single plane. With this spark of an idea, the wheels started turning.

After trying every other product on the market, I finally decided to roll up my sleeves and take matters into my own hands. Why stop with just a hammock? By building a full, self-contained tent I could get a great night sleep no matter the terrain.

Haven was born out of my backyard, where I researched, designed, and experimented with ways to create the perfect tent. With the straps, stakes and guy lines a Haven can be set up just about anywhere; and best of all it lays perfectly flat.

Wherever your travels take you, let comfort follow!

So go ahead, find your haven.


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